Cirillo’s COVID-19 Guidelines for Classes and Events

Cirillo’s has made some changes on how we will be running our classes and events to ensure all our guests are comfortable in our space. See below rules that are now in place to ensure the safety our team and clients.


  • Our classes will now run with only 5 individuals or 5 couples, One person/couple per station.
  • Masks are mandatory during cooking/standing but can be removed once you are seated
  • We ask that you bring your own reusable containers to bring your food home with you


  • Cooking Stations will host only 4 people, to keep with the 6ft or 2 meters social distancing
  • Sit down dining will be cut down to keep with 6ft or 2 meters social distancing. We can seat up to 26 people comfortably this way.
  • To receive a drink from the bar, guests will line up one at a time then leave the bar area or Cirillo’s staff will hand pass the beverages
  • Masks are mandatory during the cooking portion of the event if the guests are not apart of the same bubble

Sanitation Standards

  • All surfaces will be sanitized prior to class/event; this includes cooking stations, tables, chairs and bar. As well as all utensils
  • Washrooms will be monitored to ensure soap and sanitizer is always available
  • Hand washing stations are available and will include hand sanitizer
  • Should you feel unwell, you will not be able to enter the space

Should you have any questions for our team, please call or email our Event Manager at 416-901-3491 or email

We are excited to host you!